Preventative Maintenance

Our goal is to find the electrical issues before they cause an expensive outage or damage your equipment.

With all the computers and technology we rely on at the office, we are more susceptible to power losses and voltage surges. One blip in the power supply can cost your company major money. At “Joe” Dickey Electric, we help you control the uncontrollable with our preventative maintenance division.

Using special infrared thermography testing as well as ultrasonic testing, our preventative services can locate and rectify any costly and potentially dangerous anomalies that might otherwise go unnoticed. We can also install Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) systems that help keep your company running even when Mother Nature has other plans.

After the Northeast blackout of 2003, we installed a brand new 76,000-square-foot central plant at Salem Community Hospital. Read about it in this article from the July 2005 edition of Electrical Contractor Magazine.

We also do work to help bring older manufacturing facilities up to date by changing out motors, starters and other control devices. Manufacturer defects and wear from general use can put your system at risk, but with random spot checks and full-system evaluations every year, we can help keep your electrical system an asset instead of a liability.